we @ you me 2006
DVSA Enhanced Studio Class

About The Show

“I wanted to create an opportunity for each artist to focus on their own practice and advance to the next level of competency, innovation and ambition in their individual production. My commitment to the constant revision and reinvention of painting and drawing as a practice for each individual has facilitated the creation of a varied, individually focused body of work for this exhibition.

The group of artists who have come together are lively and interesting, interconnected and generous, brave and open, ambitious and discerning.

The nine sessions of the class have been my winter life line and have been some of my best experiences as an instructor and reflect the fine qualities of this group of artist / students formerly know as ‘they’ and hereafter known as ‘we’.”

V. Jane Gordon

Photo credits: Fleur-Ange Lamothe, Gary Gray, Ulrike Balke