we @ you me 2006
Artists' Statements

The Artists
we @you me
March 17 - 26, 2006
you me gallery
330 James St. North
Hamilton, Ontario CANADA
(905) 523-7754
  • Ulrike Balke
  • Willard Boudreau
  • Theresa Casey
  • Lorraine Darke
  • Diana Gordon
  • Gary Gray
  • Dean Gugler
  • Fleur-Ange Lamothe
  • Arlene Laskey
  • Pamela Leyland
  • Katherine Slimman
  • Deen Teague
Ulrike Balke  "A Butcher’s Daughter: The Myth of Sacrifice - detail"

These prints and texts are part of a web installation project entitled, “A Butcher’s Daughter. The Myth of Sacrifice.” This concept evolved out of personal experience and V. Jane Gordon’s Inquiry Method©. The web execution will make use of audio, text, still and video imagery combined with traditional mediums.

Willard Boudreau  "Driftwood"
I am drawn to wonder about the spaces we create for ourselves when they are seen without their human cargo.

Theresa Casey  "Self-Portraits 1-8"
I am exploring the idea of control, what emerges when we are not in control and what is the relationship between left and right handed painting.

Lorraine Darke  "Fugue in Blue, Improvisation 7"
Exploring the languge of the arts intrigues me. "Fugue in Blue" is visual music developed gradually with improvisational marks inspired by 'licks' from jazz and classical compositions.

Diana Gordon  "Cherub Out of the Fountain"
This painting is one of a series of works exploring the concept of domestic intimacy. It considers the impact of the glance over the gaze, how to overcome the sense of isolation imposed by photography, and the use of the extreme close-up to engage the viewer.

Gary Gray  "10 years, 10 games, same intent!" and "Death Wish"

Gary's journey through theatre, dance, film, advertising and teaching has delivered him to painting...and it appears to be a very serious and comfortable home for him.

On the Hockey Player paintings: "We worry that our children are being taught violence and lack of respect by computer games and movies. Sitting on the couch, next to your family watching pro-sports is worse. And then the double standards after: violence, rape, mafia ties, etc. Shame on us all?"

Dean Gugler  "3 Ages Across" and "Steppenwolf’s Door, Perhaps"

My theme for the past two months has been masks, night mares, “green men” and colour. I normally use recycled materials but compromised with one canvas.


Fleur-Ange Lamothe  "VERité (mOURanteS)"; "knOWLedge" and "prEMONniTIONs

This show displays 3 of my 9 works, painted on tarpaper, from my "Wild Woman of the Woods" series. The series is inspired by the legend of T'sonoqua.

"What does Wild Woman know?"


Arlene Laskey  "Spin" and "re call"

My multi-layered works meld drawing and painting practices to explore concepts of connectedness and fragmentation, the visible and the veiled, the known and the suspected.



Pamela Leyland  "The Right of Passage"
After working mostly in graphite, I moved to watercolour pencils to produce these feelings about my siblings. In “The Right of Passage”, a woman’s hands are tied. Unable to affect her siblings’ prognoses, she looks skyward and throws up her hand, implying, “Oh, well”.

Katherine Slimman "Outburst: Orchid"
“Outburst” is one of a series of works that balances realism and abstraction with fluid colour and natural forms. Thanks to V. Jane Gordon for inspiration - Mirabile visu.

Deen Teague  "Celebration" and "Fertile Ground"

My desire is to live and search creatively. My paintings are an expression of things I feel and cling like angels’ wings that carry me.

In this show, my paintings focus on colour and feelings that express my experiences and creative intuitive energy. The struggle gives soul. My viewer should be entertained….enriched!

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