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DVSA Enhanced Studio Class

About The Show

The core members of my winter semester Dundas Valley School of Art (DVSA) "Enhanced Individually Focused Studio" spent the months of Sept. and Oct. 2004 in my new Baroque class. The creative thrust for the "Enhanced Studio" flowed from the Baroque and neo-Baroque experience . The Baroque period is a focus of personal interest. I love the characters, so intellectual, so learned, such collisions of social class, and so often so over the top! It's like Buffy The Vampire Slayer which is fueled by histrionics combined with a learned society's conference which is propelled by an obsessive sense of inquiry all happening backstage at the Republican Convention. When painting neo-baroque we are painting our hearts out with a sense of the glare of publicity. And it is this "public presence" that makes Baroque painting something like post modernism and carries neo-baroque painting into the contemporary world.

This intense creative energy generated in the fall semester fueled the work of the "Enhanced Studio" and was certainly a context for members who joined the group in January. This is a collegial group of practicing artists who have grasped at opportunities to push at the boundaries of the definition of painting in interesting ways. I wanted to create an opportunity for trained artists to focus on their own practice and advance to the next level of competency, innovation and ambition in their individual production of work.

My commitment to the constant revision and reinvention of painting and drawing as a practice for each artist has facilitated the creation of a varied, individually focused body of work for this exhibition. Bryce Kanbara has been generous enough to allow this group an opportunity to showcase their endeavors in his gallery space, 'you me'. The eight sessions of the class have been some of my best experiences as an instructor and reflect the fine qualities of this group of artist/ students formerly known as “they” and hereafter known as, “we”.

V. Jane Gordon

Photo credits: Patricia Seeley