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An elegant, yet cost-effective way to display your artwork online.
Our members have individual galleries, while enjoying all the benefits of a group website.

Low annual fee.  Increased traffic.  Uncluttered by advertising.
Fast-loading images.  Personal service.
All Sales are through the individual Artists.
No Commissions.

More Time to create Art
(less time and expense in creating and maintaining a web site)

SHOWCASE your art in your personal gallery
JOIN a group of exceptional artists
HAVE an unique URL


Each Artist starts with the 10-page BASIC PACKAGE...Cost is $100 CAD per year (plus 13% HST).

The Basic Package includes:
  • One titled Gallery Page of 6 Thumbnail Images (Main Gallery).
  • For each Gallery Page, store a maximum of 12 Digital Images annually. Choose which 6 images to display at any one time.
  • Each Thumbnail, when clicked, appears enlarged on a separate page containing title, size, medium, date, price, and any text to go with that image.
  • One Text Page for your Artist Statement or Show Description.
  • One Text Page for your Biography with optional Self-Portrait.
  • One Text Page with your Contact Information and links to your other web sites.
  • Cropping, resizing and uploading of up to 12 digital images and 1 optional self-portrait are included in the Basic Package.
and there is more...
  • Promote upcoming shows on our Events/Exhibit Page at no extra charge.
  • Your name is listed on the Find an Member Artist Page and, with an image, in the Preview Gallery
  • Full Members become the Featured Artist on the Art-in-Canada Home Page on a rotating basis
  • Your unique URL is

Please read Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Click here for a sample Basic Package

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Add to Your Basic Package
  • Add more Gallery Pages...Cost is $75 (CAD plus 13% HST) per Gallery per year
    Each additional Gallery Page has the same features as the Main Gallery described above. An optional Text Page for a statement or description of the show is included.

CLICK HERE for a 3-Gallery Example

  • Add more Text Pages...Cost is $15 (CAD plus 13% HST) per page per year.
    Use additional text pages for art reviews, writing etc.

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