Diana Gordon
Domestic Intimacy - Sunrise Gallery
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About The Show

This show was exhibited at
February 3 - 25, 2007
765 Beach Blvd., Hamilton, Ontario
Curators: Martin Nye and Christine Averink

Several pieces were displayed at the
Arta Gallery, Distillery District, Toronto
March 17-29, 2007
Curator: Fay Athari


As a mother of two babies, then toddlers, now pre-teens, my days have been full and fulfilled. Toys, diapers, teddy bears and cribs gave way to wash-dish, crayons, playing zoo, and little chairs and tables. Now it is computer games, Much Music and girly-girl cliques.

As an artist, looking back through the mist of seeming chaos, when thoughts and actions swirled and turned in a frenetic dance of cries and needs, tears and wants, hugs and laughter, I remember.

I remember jewel-time glimpses of exquisite clarity, when all sound ceases and movement calms to one perfect moment of unblinking focus.

I remember

eyelashes against rounded, soft cheeks,
small fingers trying to hold water,
the colour of ripening pears on the sill
soap bubbles evaporating in the sink
a vase backlit by garden sun
multi-coloured light reflecting off pine floors
a child-held breath in the stillness of discovery.

In this series of still life and figure paintings, created in and of my domestic space, I remember again moments of intimate grace.


Photo credits: Donna Giles, Martin Nye, Gary Gray