Diana Gordon


A child fixes you
with that penetrating gaze.
Absorbing you,
Memorizing you,
Focusing inside your very centre,

And you feel blessed.

Lots of Chairs

As you, my children,
compel me to join
your exhilarating, chaotic
exploration of this
life- journey,

you have become
my two centres.

And I am your one.

The Woman who Hugs

There is a woman who hugs people.
Enfolding them in her vast embrace,
she holds one with an arm
another with a hand on their head,
the heart of their soul.

To be so embraced,
wrapped around and comforted,
Like a smile from Jesus.
More than lover,
like mountains holding you fast.
Mother Earth and Buddha all in one.

This is the very best part
of being a mother
I once thought
while comforting my fallen child.
His head on my shoulders
my hand on his head
broadcasting love, love, love
in ocean-sized waves.

(An Indian spiritualist came to Toronto in 2004 to embrace people and bring the Mother back into our lives.)