Diana Gordon
Oil Painter
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About Diana

I am an oil painter, an archaeologist, a mother of two, a home renovator and a web site designer, among other roles. I first studied oil painting with Syd Brittan, copying Renaissance and Modern painters, and then branching into my own images.

After my children were born, I wanted to participate more in their explosive creativity. So I took painting and sculpture at the Dundas Valley School of Art, where I am currently working towards a Level 2 certificate. In 2008, I moved into a great studio at the Imperial Contton Centre.

Recent shows include the group show "Five Painters" at the You Me Gallery, Hamilton in January 2009 and my second solo show in February 2007 entitled "Domestic Intimacy" at the Sunrise Gallery, Hamilton. Other group shows include "Obervation and Sensation" Arta Gallery, Toronto; "we @you me 2006" and "we2005" at the You Me Gallery, Hamilton. I also participate in art auctions for charity, such as Haiti Happening for the Hopital Albert Schweitzer, the Hamilton Aids Network, and recent fundraising for a Locke Street family and for the Dundas Valley School of Art.

I have done watercolours, acrylics, photography, collage and sculpture, but it is with oils that I come alive. The delicious colours, the buttery texture, the flow and dance of the paint itself appeal to me. With oils, I feel that I am walking in the footsteps of great painters but have only begun to explore the medium and its possibilities. My work is mostly representational with a tendency towards abstraction.

Paintings communicate at many levels, conscious and unconscious. They can cause you to look, absorb, and remember - without necessarily knowing why. I should like my work to evoke a sense of mystery, and to capture and reflect back the emotional energy of the artist...and the viewer....(written 2009)

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